Value-added early stage investors
in technology-related companies.

We provide...

Value-added seed and angel
capital, with experienced
advice at key inflection points:
fundraising, positioning, launches,
connections, recruiting and
team building, bus dev, sales,
marketing, communications,

We look for...

Significant market potential.
High conviction, high
commitment founders. Core
teammates who have proven
they can execute.
Well-differentiated solutions
with obvious appeal.
Competitive lead. Solid plan.
Good chemistry.

Partners Andy Getsey and James Hannon are entrepreneurs and angel investors who understand first hand what it takes to launch and commercialize technologies and tech-related companies.

Together, they co-developed a pioneering analytics platform, launched two companies and created an international joint venture with a publicly traded company – all of which were acquired. Along the way, they negotiated more than 500 contracts, opened 7 office locations and managed more than 200 staff in the US and Europe. In addition, they’ve invested in more than 20 companies, with 6 acquisitions and one IPO to date.

They were the co-founders of Atomic, which became one of the fastest growing SF Bay Area companies for 5 years running, and one of Silicon Valley's premiere PR and social agencies for startups. Atomic was Technology PR Agency of the Year in 2010 and was acquired in 2011. They also co-developed ComContext, an award-winning communications analytics platform, which was also acquired.

At Atomic, Andy and James advised on the launches, growth stages and/or exits of more than 75 high profile tech start-ups including Photobucket, Linkedin, Bebo, Rapt, Xign, Splunk!, Mint, Dropbox, Milo, Jobvite, Smule, Fusion-io, Arcsight, Hirevue, Leap Motion, Moonfruit, Delphix, Automatic, Rocket Fuel, Opower, Lending Club, FullScreen Networks, BrightRoll, Fountain and more.

Theorem was founded in 2007 and is located at 500 Howard St., Ste. 450, San Francisco.